How do I get access to the TechSmith Relay software?
Fill out the request form on our website, and we will send you a link to download the software. Once we have processed the request, we will send you the link to your custom course catalog, where all of the recordings will be published
Relay is installed. Now how do I create a recording?
Upon launching the software, you are prompted for a username and password. Log in with your Gatorlink credentials. Select a profile from the drop-down menu, and click record when you are ready to begin.
Requirements for viewing a Mediasite presentation

Additional troubleshooting tips

If you are still having problems viewing your presentations, check out the following knowledge base articles:

Troubleshooting Mediasite Mac playback issues

If you are having trouble viewing a presentation on a Mac OS X, check out the following knowledge base articles:

Note: If Silverlight is not detected on your Mac, you will be automatically prompted to install Silverlight when viewing a presentation. Silverlight only needs to be installed once. For assistance with installing Silverlight, please consult Microsoft's site.

Troubleshooting Mediasite Firefox playback issues

You can use Firefox to view presentations on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers. Please note that to playback a Mediasite presentation in Firefox, you must install Silverlight. You will be prompted to install Silverlight if it is not installed already. There are a few known issues when viewing presentations using the Firefox web browser. These issues and their resolutions are addressed below:

How do I create a MyMediasite Account?

Fill out the request form on our website, and we will create a MyMediasite Account for you and send you information on how to access it.

How do I access the Mediasite Desktop Recorder?

First, you need to request a MyMediasite account by filling out the request form on our website. Once you’ve logged into MyMediasite, follow this tutorial to setup and install the Mediasite Desktop Recorder.

How do I upload a video in MyMediasite?

Please review our tutorial on this subject: (Video) (PDF)

How do I activate Mediasite in Canvas?

Please review our tutorial on this subject: (Video) (PDF)

Conference Connection Information

When a conference is scheduled with dial-in participants a conference ID number is generated. The conference ID is 7-digits and begins with 783(Example:7831234).

From Registered Endpoint

Dial: 783XXXX

From Non-Registered Endpoint

Dial: 783XXXX@video.ufl.edu

From SIP Client or Microsoft LYNC

Dial: 783XXXX@video.ufl.edu

From Phone

Dial: 352-273-4999. Enter conference ID when prompted, press # when finished

How do I install Jabber Video?
Jabber Video Configuration
  • Open Jabber
  • Click on the settings icon and select 'Sign-in Settings'
  • Set Internal Server to: vcs.video.ufl.edu
  • Set External Server to: expressway.video.ufl.edu
  • Set SIP Domain to: video.ufl.edu
  • Click 'OK'
How do I sign-in to Jabber Video?

Your UFID must be enabled for Jabber Video before you can use it. Please contact VCS for account activation.

  • Username: ufad\gatorlink username
  • Password: gatorlink password
How do I make calls with Jabber?

Jabber Video is a SIP client you can use to connect to any standards based videoconferencing device. Being SIP only you have to dial a SIP URI to connect. If you don't specify a domain, @video.ufl.edu will be appended. This leaves several way to dial, some examples are:

  • Conference ID:7838888 or 7838888@video.ufl.edu
  • IP Address:128.227.xxx.xxx
  • VoIP Phone:3-xxxx
  • SIP URI:name@video.ufl.edu or name@OtherDomain
Skype For Business calling
  1. Open the LYNC client. In the “Find a contact” bar, enter the number you wish to dial followed by the domain @video.ufl.edu. Some examples are:
    • Conference ID: 783XXXX@video.ufl.edu
    • IP address: 128.227.xxx.xxx@video.ufl.edu
    • VoIP Phone: 3xxxx@video.ufl.edu
    • SIP Client (like Jabber): username@video.ufl.edu
  2. Right click on the search result and choose > Start video call.
  3. Additional information about LYNC can be found here: http://www.mail.ufl.edu/About%20Lync.shtml
Gatekeeper information

The University has two gatekeeper zones, one for the Academic Health Center (AHC) and one for everything else. Registration is restricted. If you have a device that you need to register please contact VCS for help

Campus Zone

  • Name: vcs.video.ufl.edu
How do I login to TMS Smart Scheduler?
How do I schedule a videoconference?
  1. Login to TMS
  2. Click 'Smart Scheduler'
  3. From the 'My Meetings' page click 'New'
  4. Enter 'Title', 'Start', and 'End' times
  5. Add Telepresence Rooms. Use the search window in the right to type the name of the locations you wish to have connected automatically. Only units certified by VCS will show up in the list. All other locations will have to be added as Call-in participants.
  6. Add Call-in participants. Provide your best estimate of the number of audio and video call-in participants. Be sure to add at least one video call-in participant to generate the conferecne ID number.
  7. Fill out 'Recurrence' information if needed.
  8. Click on 'Additional Settings' to set a PIN number or Agenda for the conference.
  9. Click 'Save'.
  10. Check your email for conference details, and forward to participants
How do I edit an existing videoconference?
  1. From the 'My Meetings' page, locate the meeting you wish to edit and click on the title.
  2. Make the necessary changes and click 'Save'.
  3. Check your email for updated conference informaiton.
Where can I find my conference ID?
It will be in the email you received after creating or editing the conference. If you don't see it in the email, edit the meeting and add atleast one call-in participant.If you did not create teh meeting, contact the meeting orgainzer.
Mediasite Viewing Requirements
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TechSmith Relay Recorder Requirements
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