Videoconferencing Endpoint Certification

Endpoints that are certified will be managed by TMS, and can be scheduled for automatic conference connections.


  1. The endpoint must be able to communictate with the TMS server.
  2. The endpoint must be registered with the VCS H.323 gatekeeper/SIP registrar:
    • H.323 Name (must fit naming convention)
    • H.323 Number (assigned by VCS)
    • SIP Name (matches H.323 name)
    • Endpoint must remain registered with( or
    • Strongly recommended that endpoint is powered on and registered 24/7 for monitoring
  3. The Endpoint should be under a maintenance contract unless it's 'end of life.
  4. Admin password must be set:
    • The admin password will be set by VCS
    • Non-support staff should not have the password
  5. A successful initial test and periodic retesting must be completed with VCS staff.

Gatekeeper / Registrar Information

The University has two gatekeeper zones, one for UF campus endpoints and one for UF remote sites i.e., extension offices and REC's. Registration is restricted and all UF videoconferencing endpoints are to be registered.

Campus Zone


  • Name:
  • IP:
  • IP:


  • Name:
  • IP: