TMS Smart Scheduler

Conference ID

When a conference is scheduled in the TMS Smart Scheduler with dial-in participants; a Conference ID number is generated and a confirmation email is sent to the reservation owner. A Conference ID should look like this; 783XXXX.

Conference Organizer

The conference ID will be in the email you received after creating or editing the conference. Forward to all dial-in participants.
Note: If you don't see it in the email, edit the meeting and add at least three call-in participant to generate the ID.

Meeting Participant

Contact the meeting organizer for the conference ID. If your site was added to the list of participants you should see it under "locations" in the conference invitation email and your videoconferencing endpoint will connect automatically.


Making a Call

Use the following formats to make calls

From Registered Endpoint

Dial: 783XXXX

From Non-Registered Endpoint

Dial: or 783XXXX@

From Phone

Dial: 352-274-7878. When prompted; enter Conference ID followed by #.

From Skype for Business

  1. In the “Find Someone” field, enter the number you wish to dial;
    • Conference ID:
    • IP address:
    • UF VoIP Phone Extension:
    • SIP Client (like Jabber):
  2. Right click on the search result and choose > Start video call.

UF Test Bridge

Test your Skype for Business or videoconferencing endpoint by dialing our bridge: 7838888. We encourage you to invite your meeting participants and colleagues to join in during your test.

For additional support contact the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP or e-mail us at