Zoom Built-in Close Captioning and Live Transcription

This feature is available to every licensed UF Zoom user at no additional costs, and provides the following two options:

  • Automated Live Transcriptions: This uses a software engine to transcribe audio from Zoom sessions automatically (English only).
  • Manual Closed Captions: This allows the host to assign a Zoom meeting participant to manually type closed captions during the meeting. In this scenario, the host of the meeting must provide the individual.

Otter.ai Automated Live Transcription

This option is similar to the Zoom built-in Automated Live Transcriptions, but it provides a 3rd party interface for managing and editing transcripts.

3rd party Manual and Automated Live Transcription

Zoom also provides the ability to use other 3rd party Close Caption and Live Transcription services, which can provide ADA compliance. To ensure meeting compliance requirements please refer to the DRC website.

Zoom Transcription & Captioning Options

Zoom CC/LT OptionsAutomatedFeesNotes
Zoom Live Transcription Yes None Available to All UF
Zoom Manual CC Yes None Available to All UF
Otter.ai Yes None Requires Otter Account
Faculty, Staff and ADA Students
Zoom 3rd Party Yes/No Yes Fees vary by provider

Note that automated transcription services are not accurate enough to provide ADA compliance.

Zoom Built-In Automated Live Transcription

Who can use it and is there a fee?

Zoom's automated live transcription and Close Caption service is available to everyone with a UF Zoom account and there are not additional fees to use it. To enable this service for your meetings, see the steps below.

Important: The only requirement is that your email address of contact in Zoom is your gatorlink@ufl.edu. This service will not be available if you are currently using a departmental email address or other 3rd level domains (e.g. name@dept.ufl.edu). If you wish to use the Zoom's LT/CC service, you will need to update the contact address in your profile via this link: https://ufl.zoom.us/profile

Can I include Live Transcription Close Captions in all my meetings?

Close captions are enabled and managed by the meeting host. The meeting host needs to first enable this feature for their account, and at that point they can manually turn the service on for any of their meetings by selecting the Live Transcription options.

Can Live Transcripts be Saved?

When you enable the service, there is an option listed below to Save Captions that will provide a save button to all participants.

  • This creates a file in the local computer that is updated every time the Save button is clicked. There is no option to automatically save the transcript, and it only includes conversations up to the point when Save was last clicked.
  • Be aware that the option to Save Captions cannot be limited to the host or specific participants; if enabled, all participants can choose to save the transcript.

A potential workaround is to select cloud recording for the session (if available for your account), and select the appropriate options in your personal settings to save the transcript automatically, in which case the host can choose to share the transcript or keep it private. Note that you can concurrently perform cloud recording and live transcription.

How do I use it?

Click here for instructions on enabling and using the Zoom Live Transcription service.