How can I schedule video conferences?

By visiting the Smart Scheduler and logging in with your gatorlink credentials, you can create new conferences or edit existing ones. You will then be sent a confirmation email with the connection details.

How do I connect to a scheduled video conference?

Below are several formats that will allow you to dial into a scheduled video conference once you have received a conference ID:

From Registered Endpoint

Dial: 781XXXX

From Non-Registered Endpoint

Dial: or 781XXXX@

From Phone

Dial: 352-294-7878. When prompted; enter Conference ID followed by #.

Dial three digit extension within UF.

From Jabber Video

  1. In “Type name, number or address” field, enter the number you wish to dial and press enter.
    • Conference ID:781XXXX or
    • IP Address:128.227.XXX.XXX
    • SIP URI: or name@OtherDomain
How can I test connecting to a video conference?

Feel free to test your softclient (Jabber, CMA, S4B) or endpoint by dialing our 24/7 bridge: 7838888. We encourage you to invite your meeting participants and colleagues to join in during your test.

Please limit your active in-call test time to 30 minutes or less.