Which Classrooms Have Mediasite Recorders Installed In Them?

These are the rooms that currently feature an automated Mediasite recorder and are equipped for Automated Class Recording:

  • Bartram 211
  • Carlton 100
  • CLB 130
  • CSE A101
  • Fine Arts Building 105
  • Flint 0050
  • Florida Gym 210
  • Florida Gym 245
  • Florida Gym 265
  • J. Hernandez Hall 221
  • Leigh 207
  • McCarty A G186
  • McCarty C100
  • New Physics Bldg 1001
  • New Physics Bldg 1002
  • Newins-Ziegler 222
  • Norman 137
  • Pugh 170
  • Turlington L007
  • Turlington L011
  • Weimer 1064
My video playback stops and starts constantly making it difficult to view and understand.

Contact us to see if we can resolve the buffering issue by adjusting the video settings.

Playback Buffering Watching
How do I get my course videos captioned?

Please visit our captioning page for more information.

Captioning Accessibility
The equipment in the classroom isn’t functioning properly.

Please contact Classroom Support for hardware assistance, or call (352)392-6683

Requirements for viewing a Mediasite presentation
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Troubleshooting Chrome playback issues

Red and/or green flickering of the video window can be caused by hardware acceleration, the video card, and the driver. The solution is to disable the hardware acceleration in Chrome. Click here for directions to disable hardware acceleration in Chrome:

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Troubleshooting Firefox playback issues

You can use Firefox to view presentations on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers. Please note that to playback a Mediasite presentation in Firefox, you must install Silverlight. You will be prompted to install Silverlight if it is not installed already. There are a few known issues when viewing presentations using the Firefox web browser. These issues and their resolutions are addressed below:

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