I can’t login to Zoom with my UF credentials

If accessing from the web, double check to make sure you are logging into the UF Zoom portal.

If using the desktop app, make sure you are clicking “Sign in with SSO” on the Zoom login prompt and enter UFL.zoom.us for the "company domain". You will then be taken to a secure UF login page.

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How do I make sure my Zoom meeting is secured?
  • To enhance the security of Zoom, all new meetings generated with UF Zoom will automatically have a password set. If necessary, meeting owners will still be able to turn the password setting off for individual meetings prior to the start of a meeting using the “Edit this Meeting” button. Learn more about this and other important meeting options on Zoom's support website here.
  • For additional information regarding Zoom's meeting security features, you may also visit: https://elearning.ufl.edu/keep-zoom-secure.
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How do I import a Zoom Recording into Mediasite?

If recorded Locally, you can manually upload the .MP4 file into MyMediasite.

If recorded to the Zoom Cloud, you can access your recordings by logging into the UF Zoom portal and navigating to the Recordings tab. From there, you can download the .MP4 file to manually upload into MyMediasite.

Zoom Cloud recordings can also be inported automatically if you already have a MyMediasite profile. More details can be found on our Zoom recording page.

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How do I obtain a Zoom Webinar license?

Please refer to our webinar page.

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My Zoom room Breakout Rooms/chat/polls aren’t working the way they should.

Most Zoom behavior issues are caused by out-of-date Zoom Client software. Make sure your software is up to date.

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Where can I find additional documentation on Zoom's features?

Please visit https://support.zoom.us to learn more about Zoom features and find helpful, in-depth documentation.

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The Zoom App store has an app I want to use. Can I install it?

At this time, only Zoom Apps that are directly developed by Zoom will be approved for use at UF. No other 3rd party apps in the Zoom App store are allowed at this time.

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