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Media Streaming and Storage

Media Storage Accounts are provided for storage of audio & video media files. Windows Media (WMV) files stored on a Media Storage Account can be viewed with the Windows Media Player on Windows computers, or using the free Flip4Mac player on Macintoshes.

There is no per-stream or other direct cost associated with streaming of stored video files. However, there may be a cost associated with storing those video files.


Below is a sample configuration for accessing and uploading content to a typical Media Storage Account. For detailed information see

Sample Information

Account Name: flimnoir
Gatorlink User Id: bogie
Gatorlink Password: ILoveIngrid
Media File Name: acaseofblank.wmv
  1. Create the media file named acaseofblank.wmv
  2. Create the text file named myvideo.asx which contains the pointer text shown below.
  3. Use FTP to log in to with the username: filmnoir and the password: bogie/ILoveIngrid
  4. Transfer acaseofblank.wmv to the real directory.
  5. Transfer myvideo.asx to the public_html directory.
  6. Use this link to access the media:
Media Storage Outline Folders


To request a Media Storage Account, please complete the Service Request Form.