Streaming video storage is available to faculty and staff with a MyMediasite account. You have the ability to upload, edit, and manage your own content, with hosting on the VCS Mediasite server. Faculty and staff are provided free storage for instructional purposes.

With a MyMediasite account, faculty and staff are also able to downlad the Mediasite Dekstop Recorder, which allows you to capture high quality slideshows or screencasts that preserve every annotation and screen movement. Pair your content with webcam video or simply a voice over, and the Mediasite Desktop Recorder synchronizes everything you say and show.

Use the Request Service form to request your profile.

MyMediasite Tutorials

  • Introduction to MyMediasite (Video)
  • Activating the Mediasite 7 Module in Canvas (PDF) (Video)
  • Accessing MyMediasite in Canvas (PDF) (Video)
  • Desktop Recorder Setup Guide (PDF) (Video)
  • Using Mediasite Desktop Recorder (PDF) (Video)
  • Uploading Videos (PDF) (Video)
  • Editing Videos in MyMediasite (PDF) (Video)
  • Replacing Media (PDF) (Video)
  • Creating Channels (PDF) (Video)
  • Downloading Your Presentations (PDF) (Video)
  • Enabling Vodcasts on Your MyMediasite Presentation (PDF) (Video)
  • Using Analytics (PDF) (Video)
  • Adjusting Video Permissions In MyMediasite (PDF) (Video)
  • Mediasite Quizzes (PDF) (Video)