Video related charges will be invoiced through the UFIT centralized billing system as noted: 

  • Upon service completion, UFIT Academic Technology Video & Collaboration services staff will forward the UFIT Business Center’s Billing Team a request to bill and generate an invoice.   
  • At that time, the UFIT Billing Team will enter the charges and reach out to the fiscal contact submitted on the original order form directly to coordinate payment (either to request an OAT internal service provider PO if paying with chartfields, or provide other instructions if paying by check or EFT). 
  • Any special considerations such as fund or project spending deadlines must be relayed to the AT Video & Collaboration services staff with the original order, so they can expedite sending the request for billing if needed. 
  • UFIT Billing generates invoices only once monthly around the 15th of each month.  To ensure any payments via chartfield are processed in the same month the invoice is generated, both the charges must be entered and POs approved (if required) by the close-of-business on the 10th of the billing month. 
  • Please do not submit a PO until contacted by UFIT Billing as a PO request will contain both instructions for submitting the PO, and other information that will be required to be entered into the ISP form, including: 
  • UFIT Customer Billing No. 
  • Work Order No. 
  • Expense Account Code 
  • Price
  • Event ID information

After all monthly billing processes are complete: 

  • Invoices will be posted in the UFIT on-line Billing Portal. 
  • Those assigned as fiscal contacts in the billing system will receive a billing notification email when an invoice has been generated and ready for review (usually by the 20th of the month). 
  • The billing notification email will provide a link to instructions to review the invoice. 
  • Chartfield Payment - If valid chartfields were available and there was no budget error received, Page 1 of the invoice will list the journal payment details. 
  • Check or EFT Payment – Submit payment to address listed on the invoice.

Order Questions or to Request Expedited Billing 

If you have a question related to the order itself or need to request expedited billing due to a project end date, please contact the AT Video & Collaboration Services staff directly:  352-392-4357

Billing Questions 

  • General UFIT billing information (regarding reviewing invoices, instructions for submitting POs, reconciliation, contact updates, customer account creation, etc.) can be found on the UFIT Business Center’s Auxiliary Customer web-page: