Video and Collaboration Service’s suite of available software and web applications enable you to record and stream your lectures, discussions, learning material, and events directly to students and viewers computers and mobile devices. Our flexible system allows you to record from classrooms, event halls, outdoor areas, and even your own laptop or workstation computer! Please refer to the grid below for our streaming/livestreaming and recording services. We offer a variety of content delivery and pricing options to best meet your needs.



Video hosting and streaming for faculty and staff with collaboration and analytics tools.

VCS Event Services 

Your all-in-one solution to event capture, our professional staff and cameras live-broadcast your event and can integrate with room technology to produce learning-focused interactive presentations. Mediasite live broadcasts can show your slides or computer content and a camera feed and includes Q+A and audience participation features. Live-broadcasts are available on-demand immediately following the presentation at the same web link. 

Classroom Lecture Capture 

With over twenty lecture halls outfitted with fully automated Mediasite recording technology, VCS can capture your lecture without you even needing to press “record.” Contact us today to schedule your room recordings automatically during class meeting times. 

Mediasite Mosaic 

Create rich media presentations on your own computer with screen casting, audio, and webcam recording that uploads directly to MyMediasite for convenient recording, sharing, and collaboration. 


As a UF Faculty or Staff member, you have access to MyMediasite, a campus video streaming and hosting platform that can be utilized for any video distribution needs. You may upload your own videos or use our recording software to create presentations that can be accessed by a link, embedded to Canvas, or posted to video catalogs for student or audience viewing. Creating a video channel for your course, lab, or organization enables private comments and a space to collaborate on videos and presentations. Two-factor authentication and simple security controls allow you to control who can access your videos within the UF community.