Course Capture

Mediasite recording technology is enabled in several classrooms throughout campus. To get started, simply schedule your recording time and room, and we’ll take it from there. Classroom recording is fully automated, so you just show up, put on the mic, and begin teaching! A VCS Team member will monitor your recording and send a technician if anything goes wrong. Your course's video, audio and computer feed will be recorded and uploaded to a course catalog that you can provide to your students automatically. This feature is only available in the rooms listed below. Desktop Recording allows you to record from any other classroom on campus, or any computer with a webcam installed.

Automated Class Recording

These are the rooms that currently feature an automated Mediasite recorder.

  • Bartram 211
  • Carlton 100
  • CLB 130
  • CSE A101
  • DSIT 100
  • Fine Arts Building 105
  • Flint 0050
  • Florida Gym 210
  • Florida Gym 245
  • Florida Gym 265
  • J. Hernandez Hall 221
  • Leigh 207
  • McCarty A G186
  • McCarty C100
  • New Physics Bldg 1001
  • New Physics Bldg 1002
  • Newins-Ziegler 222
  • Norman 1020
  • Pugh 170
  • Turlington L007
  • Turlington L011
  • Weimer 1064

 Please visit Classroom Support for more information or to see images of classroom spaces.