Requesting Captioning

UFIT Captioning Services

Closed-captioning completed by UFIT Captioning Services meets the EITCA accessibility policy requirements. If you would like your course recordings professionally captioned at UF, they must be uploaded into MyMediasite and a Captioning Request must be made.

Accommodation requests must be made through the Disability Resource Center (DRC). UFIT Captioning Services will contact you directly to set up captioning for students registered with the DRC.

UFIT Captioning Services requires that all videos be housed on Mediasite. Follow these steps to move videos into Mediasite:

  1. Request a MyMediasite Profile (faculty already have profiles and may skip this step).
  2. Login to your MyMediasite account.
  3. Upload .mp4 videos into MyMediasite.
  4. Copy the link for each recording (needed when making a captioning request).

Once the videos are in MyMediasite, complete the captioning request form.

Submitting this form generates a ticket to the EITCA office and UFIT Captioning Services. If your course fulfills the requirements for central funding through UFIT and the Associate Provost’s Office for Teaching and Learning, this service is at no charge to you or your department.

If your course does not qualify for no-cost captioning, UFIT Captioning Services will advise you of captioning options and costs.

3Play Media Captioning

3Play media closed-captioning also meets the EITCA accessibility policy. You may also request your own account with 3Play Media by contacting your department head for approval and then contact UF's account representative at 3Play, Frazer Kesselring ( You will receive UF's rates.

Upon receiving your account information from 3Play, you will need to contact to set up your 3Play/Mediasite profile. Once your account profile is set up, they will notify you with specifics on how to arrange for your own captioning via 3Play.

Live captioning

Captions typed by an attendee or through AI during a synchronous meeting is called live captioning. Contact to discuss live captioning options. Accommodation requests made for live captioning will be coordinated through the DRC.