VCS Supports and manages the Mediasite platform at the University of Florida. This platform allows Faculty and Staff to record and upload rich media videos featuring multiple streams of video in a single presentation. This unique service allows viewers to see the presenter and his or her computer content simultaneously. Its features make it ideal for online lectures or visual-heavy presentations. One or multiple videos can be distributed within the university or anywhere in the world with a single link. Mediasite also enables scheduled classroom lecture capture, h.323/sip meeting recording integration with Join, Zoom cloud video transfers, instant classroom recording with Record Now, and personalized live event broadcast, recording, and video hosting with our facilitated events service. 

The Mediasite video player can enable live Q+A for events, Quizzes and Assessments for your course material, and rich analytics for audience information. Features include multi-speed playback, thumbnail indexing, and searching of text in PowerPoint Slides and other on-screen text as well as searching of closed captions. The Mediasite player is fully interactive and customizable allowing resizing of streams, popping-out of videos, and has interaction features for live audiences. 

Because your videos are housed on UF-owned servers, you have multiple privacy and security options, and can even limit viewing to a single section of a single course or certain individuals. Mediasite is under the 2FA umbrella, so your information is secure. 

Faculty and Staff can access MyMediasite to use this service. 

Automated recordings can be scheduled in several of UF’s largest lecture halls free of charge. Alternatively, VCS can setup on site to accommodate your event. See pricing page for more information.  

Mediasite Viewing Requirements 

Check Your System 


  • Microsoft Windows 10 
  • Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome 
  • Broadband Internet connection 

Apple MacOS 

  • Mac OS Mojave (version 10.14) and higher
  • Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome 
  • Broadband Internet connection 

Apple iPadOS 

  • Apple iPadOS 13 and higher 
  • Apple Mobile Safari 
  • Broadband Internet connection 

Apple iOS 

  • Apple iPadOS 12 and higher 
  • Apple Mobile Safari 
  • Broadband Internet connection 


  • Android 9 or later 
  • Chrome browser 
  • Broadband Internet connection 


Mediasite supports on-demand and live presentation playback on Linux. The majority of testing was done against Ubuntu, but other Linux distributions should work as well. In order to play back Mediasite content we recommend the following: 

Mediasite Content Retention Policy 

(1) Mediasite presentations will be available and accessible for at least 24 months. After 24 months, any presentation that has not been viewed in the previous 12 months will be archived. After 24 months in the archive, presentations will be removed from Mediasite. 

(2) Original copies of videos uploaded to Mediasite and previous revisions of Mediasite edits will be kept for one semester. This will have no impact on the published presentation. 

(3) Presentations deleted by the user will be automatically removed from the Recycle Bin after 45 days.

Terms and Conditions

By using MyMediasite you agree that no content captured, stored, uploaded or otherwise provided as a result of this request will contain or reveal any personal health information (PHI), personal identification information (PII), HIPAA data, or other protected information as defined in university policy, or contain copyrighted material.