About our Team

About Us

We provide the latest video and data collaboration technology to the University of Florida. Our goal is to connect you to your colleagues and content in the most efficient way possible. With services such as video production and streaming, we make presentations viewable to more people, lectures available to more students, and information instantly accessible to the Web-wide audience. Transcending borders, our videoconferencing service allows users at multiple locations to meet in virtual conference rooms. We eliminate the need for long distance travel, thereby saving travel funds, increasing productivity, and reducing the carbon footprint of the University of Florida.


Our mission is to provide video and collaboration related systems, technical services, planning, and consulting in support of educational, research and sustainability goals at the University of Florida. With a strong background in education and technology, we emphasize the appropriate application of new and existing technologies based on the documented needs of faculty, staff, and students for use locally and at a distance.


Brian Smith »Video Services Manager

Billy Cross »Telecomm Applications Analyst II

Michael Underwood » End User Computing Specialist III

Miguel Miranda »Telecomm Applications Analyst

Charlie Daffron »Telecomm Applications Analyst


Phone: 352-392-HELP Ext. 2

Email: video@ufl.edu