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MyMediasite Overview 

Streaming video storage is available to faculty and staff with a MyMediasite account. You can upload, edit, and manage your own content, with hosting on the UF-owned and managed VCS Mediasite server. Faculty and staff are provided free storage for instructional purposes. 

With a MyMediasite account, faculty and staff can download Mediasite Mosaic which captures high-quality video and/or screencasts that preserve every annotation and screen movement. Recordings are automatically uploaded to MyMediasite, where you can manage them from any internet connected computer. MyMediasite videos are eligible for DRC Captioning, can be added to rich presentation channels, or be shared in a group of your colleagues or TAs, so that everyone can see and edit them. MyMediasite collects extremely rich viewing analytics, quiz assessments, and comments from viewers. MyMediasite has a rich caption editor, so that you may correct auto-generated AI captions or create your own from scratch. 

Use the Request Service form to request your MyMediasite Profile. If you’d like a shared folder opened, you may name the folder and list colleagues’ email addresses or UFID numbers for collaboration in the folder. 

We also have a Microsoft Teams MyMediasite resources Team called Mediasite at UF, join here. 

MyMediasite Profiles are not available for students unless one is required for a TA Position or other job. If you are having trouble viewing Mediasite content for a course, please contact us at or 352-392-HELP(4357), Extension 2.

MyMediasite Login Page 

AFTER your MyMediasite Profile request has been completed, you may login to MyMediasite here: 

MyMediasite Tutorials 

Mediasite Content Retention Policy 

(1) Mediasite presentations will be available and accessible for at least 24 months. After 24 months, any presentation that has not been viewed in the previous 12 months will be archived. After 24 months in the archive, presentations will be removed from Mediasite. 

(2) Original copies of videos uploaded to Mediasite and previous revisions of Mediasite edits will be kept for one semester. This will have no impact on the published presentation. 

(3) Presentations deleted by the user will be automatically removed from the Recycle Bin after 45 days.

Terms and Conditions

By using MyMediasite you agree that no content captured, stored, uploaded or otherwise provided as a result of this request will contain or reveal any personal health information (PHI), personal identification information (PII), HIPAA data, or other protected information as defined in university policy, or contain copyrighted material.