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Video & Collaboration Services

UFIT Video & Collaboration Services provides the latest video and data collaboration technology to the University of Florida. Our goal is to connect you to your colleagues and content in the most efficient way possible. With services such as video production and streaming, we make presentations viewable to more people, lectures available to more students, and information instantly accessible to the Web-wide audience. Transcending borders, our videoconferencing service allows users at multiple locations to meet in virtual conference rooms. We eliminate the need for long distance travel, thereby saving travel funds, increasing productivity, and reducing the carbon footprint of the University of Florida.

Technology Resources

Uploading videos 


Streaming video storage is available to faculty and staff with a MyMediasite account. You can upload, edit, and manage your own content, with hosting on secure UF-owned servers. Faculty and staff are provided free storage for instructional purposes. 


Microsoft Stream 

Microsoft Stream pairs with Microsoft Teams to record, manage, and save meeting recordings and uploaded videos. Helpful transcriptions available 

Video Recording Mediasite Lecture Capture Classrooms across campus are equipped with hardware and software that offers walk-up or scheduled recording of your class.
  Mediasite Mosaic Captures high-quality video and/or screencasts that preserve every annotation and screen movement. Recordings are automatically uploaded to MyMediasite, where you can manage them from any internet connected computer.
  Live Events Personalized live event broadcast, recording, and video hosting with our paid facilitated events service.

Studio Recording

The CITT offers a variety of media recording services for instructors and trainers. They have a pair of new studios for course lecture capture and training for faculty in The Hub 226. 



Zoom is an easy to use video conferencing service available to all UF students, faculty, and staff that allows for meetings of up to 300 participants. Zoom is also available in Canvas for instructors to use in their courses. 



Microsoft Teams is a persistent chat-based collaboration platform complete with document sharing, online meetings, and many more extremely useful features for business and classroom communications. It is included with the Office 365 platform available to Faculty and Staff. 


Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars are a useful, secure tool for hosting live events tailored for a wide public audience. Webinars are view-only. This means only hosts and panelists share audio, video, and content with the attendees. 


Google Meet 

Google Meet is similar to zoom, but completely browser based. Create a “Meet” with a unique link, and up to 300 people may join. 



Closed-captioning completed by UFIT Captioning Services meets the EITCA accessibility policy requirements. If you would like your course recordings professionally captioned at UF, they must be uploaded into MyMediasite and a Captioning Request must be made. 


Zoom Transcriptions 

Zoom's automated live transcription and Closed Caption service is available to everyone with a UF Zoom account and there are not additional fees to use it. 


Microsoft Stream 

Microsoft stream automatically transcribes any video you upload to it, and has a window to the right of the video where you can follow along and search the transcriptions. 

 Event Services 

Live events 

If you have a special event that you would like to record or livestream, Video and Collaboration Services can be hired to capture the event.