Event Services

Mediasite Event recording example:

Live and Hybrid Events 

Video and Collaboration Services provides a one-stop solution to your event recording needs. For a service fee, we’ll bring a camera and all the equipment required to livestream your event to the web using Mediasite, or into a Zoom Meeting or Facebook Live event. 

Mediasite Live events 

For events that take place on campus, we offer a single or dual camera Mediasite stream, and provide you with a link that you may publicize on your website and social media pages. We can integrate with room audio, or provide a microphone for you to use while you present. At events, we can also capture slideshows and laptop presentations and integrate it into an interactive stream. Your audience can interact by sending questions through the Mediasite player functionality. Once your event is over, the replay is available at the same link and return viewers can stream on-demand as much as they’d like. 

Zoom Hybrid events 

Hybrid events tie in physical events with Zoom Webinars. Our equipment allows us to pipe our professional video and audio signals directly into Zoom, and project the Webinar into the room. This setup allows for a hybrid virtual and in-person interaction for collaborations or presentations. We provide the Webinar licenses and in-webinar support for your event. For these events, choosing the right event space is key, so please allow us plenty of time for setup and testing and coordination between our teams. 

Mediasite Live or Zoom Hybrid?

  • Mediasite is used when you want to broadcast your event live to an online audience. This includes higher quality video and audio compared to Zoom. Q&A can also be enabled for audience interaction.
  • Zoom Hybrid is ideal when your event includes remote presenters that you want to interact with your live event using a Zoom Webinar. The room where your event takes place must have technology capable to facilitate Zoom, so please reach out to our team before considering Zoom Hybrid.

Facebook Live 

We can also stream to your favorite social media network for live viewing on your organization’s public page or profile. You must be an owner/administrator of the organizational page you’d like to stream to.  


Each of these services above also include high-quality video recording and on-demand hosting on Mediasite or a MyMediasite account, and your video will be stored according to the Mediasite content retention policy.


Please visit our Pricing Page for more details about the cost of our event services.