UF Zoom Cloud Recording Retention FAQ

What is the retention policy for Zoom cloud recordings?

Important Notice: The initial retention period being applied in 2022 is 365 days in order to facilitate the transition to the eventual 180 days stipulated by the policy.

Zoom Cloud Recordings are retained for 180 days.  Any recordings older than 180 days are automatically moved to the Zoom Cloud Trash and can be retrieved by the user for up to 30 days.  After 30 days in the trash recordings are permanently deleted and can no longer be retrieved by the user or IT support.

Why do we have a retention policy?

Zoom’s cloud recording storage is not intended for long term storage of UF materials and intellectual property. Additionally, UF has a limited amount of Zoom storage capacity and the established retention period is necessary to keep usage within the available capacity.

How does it work?

Zoom’s cloud recording retention feature removes all recordings stored in the cloud older than the predetermined number of days. This applies to new and existing recordings, and means that on Jan-14-2022 all recordings older than 365 days (i.e. recorded before Jan. 15, 2021) will be deleted. And as each day moves forward, only those recordings newer than 365 days from the current day will remain.

Prior to their expiration, users have the option to download recordings that they wish to keep to a storage destination of their choice, and/or may also upload them to UF’s Mediasite if they need to be shared in compliance with UF policies and guidelines. Mediasite upload instructions can be found on our Zoom Recording page.

What do I need to do?

Please make sure you handle any recordings you need to keep before they are automatically deleted. You have several options depending on the nature of the content and need for streaming. Please consult with your unit’s IT Support to identify adequate storage.


Streaming Needed

No Streaming Needed

Personal Content

YouTube, personal cloud storage

Local disk storage, USB Drives, personal cloud storage

University content and Intellectual Property


Departmental Storage, UF Dropbox, UF OneDrive

How do I download my recordings?

Use the steps in the following Zoom help document to download your recordings: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/205347605-Managing-and-sharing-cloud-recording

Make sure to consult with your unit’s IT Support to identify adequate storage destination.

How can I recover my recordings from the Zoom trash?

Recordings that have been moved to the Trash can be recovered for 30 days. Be aware that after 30 days they are permanently deleted and can no longer be recovered.

Follow these steps to recover your recordings from the Trash:

  1. Sign in to the UF Zoom portal: https://ufl.zoom.us
  2. Follow the steps in the Zoom support document: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/216378863-Recover-a-deleted-cloud-recording

Please make sure you handle any recordings you need to keep before they are automatically deleted to avoid any problems: If a recording is not listed in the Trash and is also not in the list of available recordings, then it has been permanently removed and cannot be recovered.