Zoom for Government

The University of Florida has a dedicated online meetings platform called Zoom for Government (Zoom-Gov) that is available to UF faculty and staff that work with federal grants that have specific FedRAMP requirements.

If you need to host meetings in the Zoom-Gov platform, please request a license by submitting the Zoom-Gov request form

After you receive confirmation via email that your Zoom-Gov account has been provisioned, you can access the service via the UF Zoom-Gov portal https://ufl.zoomgov.com

Refer to the ZoomGov Quick Guide and ZoomGov User Guide to get started.

Zoom-Gov FAQs

What is Zoom for Government (Zoom-Gov)?

Zoom for Government is a FedRAMP Authorized SaaS service operating at the Moderate baseline and has reciprocity to DoD Impact Level 2. Zoom for Government is operated and controlled by only US Persons-including all customer support personnel, sales engineers, and operations personnel. Zoom for Government has a separate Software Development LifeCycle that is implemented and controlled by US Persons only.

What's the difference between Zoom for Government and ‘regular’ Zoom?

Zoom-Gov has the same basic features as UF’s main Zoom-Edu platform, but it operates in a dedicated, secure infrastructure designed to meet the requirements of FedRAMP Moderate baseline and DOD Impact Level 2. Note that due to security restrictions, some advanced Zoom-Edu features may not be available in Zoom-Gov.

Who should use Zoom-Gov?

The Zoom-Gov platform is for the exclusive use of UF faculty and Staff that have specific FedRAMP compliance requirements, normally involved in research funded with federal grants.  If you’re unsure about your specific requirements, please contact UF Research Integrity at 352-392-9174 or exportcontrol@research.ufl.edu

Do I need a Zoom-Gov account to join a Zoom-Gov online meeting?

No, only the meeting host needs to have a Zoom-Gov account.  All other participants may join the meeting using their ‘normal’ Zoom-Edu accounts.

How do I host a Zoom-Gov meeting?

To host a Zoom-Gov meeting you must first obtain a Zoom-Gov license, then follow the steps in the ZoomGov User Guide

Is Zoom-Gov approved for use on Technology Control Plans (TCPs)?

Zoom-Gov meeting is the preferred method for hosting meetings related to Export Controlled research.  A certification is required for all members of a TCP prior to using Zoom-Gov on Export Controlled projects.   For additional information, please contact Marsha Pesch at exportcontrol@research.ufl.edu or 352-392-9174.